Posted by Bangis Magtanggol on November 14, 2009
 Pacquaio-Cotto or Cotto-Pacquiao Predictions

Pacquaio-Cotto or Cotto-Pacquiao Predictions

So who is it gonna be?  Here is a very good preview of the Pacquiao-Cotto Fight this November 14 (15th) in the Philippines.

But despite of all other predictions – barring all forecasts from experts – denying any probabilities of losing – I predict a Pacquiao win on this one. It’s not yet time for Cotto. It’s still Manny’s time to shine.

What’s your prediction?

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  1. Fighter of the 10 years and present-day P4P Manny on most sites and in actuality of ranking. Thats how it will conclude if Floyds profession ends now. Manny on prime until finally Floyd grows a sack.

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